More Sky

CompanyAldana Ferrer Garcia
PrizePlatinum in Home Interior Products / Windows, Doors

More Sky is a temporary niche in the home that provides more access to light, nature and air in a dense urban environment. It is a replacement window system with the possibility to adapt globally to many cities in the world. More Sky was born as an attempt to provide people a healthier and more pleasant experience in their own homes by reconnecting them with the natural elements. The window system behaves as a parasitic module that replaces the existing window. When in use, it creates a temporary sunroom, a space to relax, read, meditate or simply receive some of the much-needed vitamin D. My research findings show that people are craving for some special qualities and sensations that they feel they’re lacking in their densely populated urban settings: quietness, calmness, peacefulness, relaxation, comfort and security. These feelings can be summarized into one of my favorite quotes from my survey respondents: a safe heaven. A safe haven is understood as a place of refuge or security, a space where a person can feel containment. For this reason, More Sky doesn’t intend to simply expose people to the elements, but rather provide a safe and cozy space to enjoy and have an experience from. More Sky is about creating a transitional space between indoors and out; it is about having a physical context for the body, like a lounge chair or a chaise longue that is a part of a room. It becomes a niche in the home that we decorate with love and to our needs, where we have our favorite books and keep our favorite throw. Within that context, of the home and the familiar and cozy, More Sky provides us with a temporary glimpse of nature and the sky from a different point of view.