The "Berço"

CompanySe7e Life Design
Lead DesignerMário Henriques
PrizeSilver in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture

Could a chair be round? And not have a single leg and still move? Can the same chair be used to rest, think and imagine? Yes. We believe that whenever you are quietly thinking your mind is doing wonderful things. Let your ideas evolve in the “Berço”. With a name that literally means baby cradle in Portuguese, the “Berço” is a solid rocking chair where children and grownups can enjoy while thinking or resting. Every chair is handmade and personalized from structure to cushion and fabric to suit your own style. The “Berço” is the first baby from Se7e Life Design, a concept brand born in Lisboa and raised by the creative agency Grupo MHS. We are not hipster designers, no moustache or groomed beard here. But we still like to think we are cool as we belong to a second generation family company that has been around since 1989. Yes, when moustaches were the real thing. “We don’t have a product story and probably we never will.” Thinking about unknown needs and exploring new possibilities about furniture and objects. Between creatives and artisans the answers are built together in a research centre that for some is a factory and for others the workshop. Every Se7e creation is designed and produced in Portugal.