Finishfire Charging platform

CompanyFinishfire Ky
Lead DesignerSanna Liimatainen
DesignerSanna Liimatainen
PrizeSilver in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture

Cabinet is a charger for your mobile devices or a magazine rack… There is an inside shelf where you can hide your USB divider. Oval cover can be swapped to suit your taste. ”Charging platform” covers your fire-extinguishing equipment, still leaving easy access to it. The fire blanket is pulled out from below. The spray extinguisher can be removed from the top of ”Charging platform” or by opening the cabinet. When an object is elegant it's placed to be seen and therefore also within reach. The cabinet is constructed from wood or MBF board and the oval cabinet is created from polycarbonate. The cover opens sideways. The product has Utility Model no:11144.