Jigsaw puzzle rugs

CompanyIngrid Kulper design AB mattahari
Lead DesignerIngrid Külper
PrizeSilver in Home Interior Products / Textiles/Floor Coverings

The rugs are made in rhombs and hexagons, easy to place next to each other with an antislip surface. Perfect to cover floors and even for the walls to reduce disturbing sounds. The pieces are coming in 2 different kinds. The light pink pieces are hand tufted in NZ wool with embroidered lines in banana fiber. The Blue pieces are printed on wool and so are the beige larger hexagon. It is possible for the customer to order larger or smaller hexagons with the additional rhombs according to the area to be covered. The rug pieces will be delivered in stacks and therefor easy to transport to the customer even when large areas are required to be covered. It is also easy to place the pieces in many different and changeable formations.