Ceramic Lighting Series
Lead DesignerChristo Logan
DesignerChristo Logan
PrizeSilver in Home Interior Products / Lighting

The series of twelve pendant lights consist of pure 3D-printed ceramic geometries that enigmatically illuminate both themselves and their environment without discernible aid from a light source. Each fixture’s unibody is illuminated by clandestine LEDs, inverting its visual perception as the interior surfaces act as the light source. “Age-old Techniques + New-age Technologies” For millennia, ceramic has been used for its strength, plasticity, heat resistance, sustainability and material warmth. Today, computer modeling and digital fabrication have enabled the unprecedented realization of complex hollow structures. Incorporating the features of each, fixtures accommodate internal details that conceal and interface with LEDs, wiring, diffusion film and custom hardware. After glazing and firing, the perfectly smooth and clean forms show no hint of their computerized origins or the contents within. The fixtures were designed to maximize their environmentally sustainable qualities in the use of efficient and long-lasting diodes. In addition, absolutely none of the natural ceramic and glazing material is wasted in production despite being abundant and easily accessible. All connective hardware and electronics have been fit inside the slender ceramic housing which acts as structure, conduit, connector, light emitting surface, component housing and heat sink. The end result is a series of pendants that appear simply as a glowing presence within a sculptural form.