Whiskware™ Batter Mixer

CompanyBlenderBottle Company
DesignerSteven M. Sorensen, Kim L. Sorensen, David O. Meyers
PrizeGold in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Appliances

2. The Whiskware™ Batter Mixer is the first product of its kind featuring a mixing mechanism to easily mix, dispense, and store batter all in the same container. Simply add your ingredients via the wide-mouth opening, toss in the BlenderBall® whisk, and shake. This design features a unique pressure-release system to prevent batter from spraying when the cap is removed, a lid that doubles as a base to balance the batter mixer while adding ingredients, and the heat-resistant silicone tip won’t melt if touched to the pan or griddle while dispensing. To clean, simply add soap, warm water, shake, and rinse. The entire cleanup takes less than one minute.