Pair Knife

CompanyHofer Studio
Lead DesignerJoseph Hofer
DesignerSimon Coulson, Jeffrey McIsaac, Allan Michaud
PrizePlatinum in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop

Pair Knife redefines the standard knife set for modern lifestyles. A chef and paring knife nesting as one allows for optimized packing for the adventurer, as answering the need for knife storage in compact living spaces. It is the result of a yearlong product and materials study between award-winning industrial designer Joseph Hofer of Hofer Studio, Canada, and the advanced Additive Manufacturing Resource Centre within Mohawk College, Canada. An area of ergonomic refinement was the transition between blade and handle. Since there was complete freedom of surface as a result of 3D printing, the transition was shaped to fit a professional chef’s holding style. As a result, the design teaches new users how to hold the product for optimal control and safety. An insight gained through user observation was that professional chef’s often keep a pairing knife in a pocket while they use their main chef’s knife for food preparation. Pair Knife addresses this by keeping the two most common knife sizes readily available in demanding environments. Printed on demand using additive manufacturing, Pair Knife is produced with future technology, laser-sintered stainless steel, often reserved for modern jet engine innovations. Traditional hand sharpening techniques are used to create and maintain a sharp edge. Low volume production is planned for 2017.