The Endangered

CompanyTrigger Design
Lead DesignerChan Wai Lim
PrizeGold in Home Interior Products / Interior Decoration

“The Endangered” is a range of scented jewelry boxes that takes form of endangered animals to emphasis the importance of cherishing precious moment with your loves ones. Inspired by the quote of Mohadas Karamchand Gandhi: “there is sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed” The designer wants to emphasis the importance of cherishing precious moment with your loves ones. These moments pass and are irreversible. The design was exhibited in Singapore Design Week: Singaplural 2016 themed “Sense-the art and science of experience”. Each of the endangered animals are infused with unique senses to engage user emotions and memories. User can store their precious ornaments by opening the top lid of each animal boxes Sight: These functional art pieces use the abstract form and distinctive features of each animals to create a bold, recognizable and delightful visual. Touch: The choice of material combination and texture are carefully chosen to express each animal’s character. The gentle and majestic Elephant is expressed in white ceramics finishing with rose gold. The courageous and wild character of tiger uses wood and bright chromed gold. The calm and tough rhino is expressed using understated black chrome on cracked cement finishing. The elegant and approachable deer uses soft touch, tiled pattern with chromed gold. Smell: The endangered is also a collaboration effort with AllSense scent lab to develop unique fragrance representing each animals. The scent are stored in a refillable fragrance beads cartridge. Hear: Turning the wind-up key, each animal will produce its own memorable music theme. Eg. The music theme used in Tiger is “What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong. These functional design pieces are precisely machined from CNC, hand jointed & polished and finished with high quality painting process.