Primeval Expressions

CompanySTORIES design, d.o.o.
Lead DesignerMateja Krasovec Pogorelcnik
DesignerMateja Krasovec Pogorelcnik
PrizeGold in Home Interior Products / Tableware

Simple egg-shaped crystal glasses cut in a sloped shape. They joyfully rock on their roundness while maintaining the stability through thoughtful arrangement of materials. They are hand made from top quality crystal by the traditional mouth-blowing method. The glasses are placed in softly designed coasters from walnut or xylite, which look like their natural shadow. Symbiosis of two natural materials: crystal glass and ancient wood - xylite. Xylite is a rare, 2,5 million years old ancient wood with a high aesthetic value. As it is very sensitive, xylite can only be processed by the most experienced and skilled wood artisans.The collection is complemented by an elegant ellipse-shaped walnut tray for ten glasses and a finger- food tray Glasses can be used with coasters or without them. With their rocking they create a relaxed and fun atmosphere while conforming perfectly to your palm when held. Thin, elegant, light trays are nice to hold in hands to serve finger food and aperitifs, especially cognac. When the trays lie on the smooth table surface, they are rotatable owing to the special form of the cross sections, fine surface treatment of the wood and balanced center of gravity. The integrity of the design story (EGG - the source of life, the most perfect and beautiful natural shape; CRYSTAL; WOOD - xylite, nutwood) is presented by additional elements of the luxury gift packaging - a booklet with short artistic stories and haikus.