Sensor mirror pro, rose gold

Lead Designersimplehuman
PrizeSilver in Home Interior Products / Mirrors

The latest model of sensor-activated mirror offers two magnifications (5x and 10x) and simplehuman’s patented tru-lux light system, which mimics natural sunlight. There is also the option to use the accompanying app to adjust the light’s colour temperature and intensity. Capture your own settings, or use the pre-set light settings to match your office, gym, or favourite restaurant - anywhere you want to look your best - no guesswork and no surprises! The base mirror has 5x magnification, while a detail mirror provides 10x magnification for close-up work, such as tweezing or applying eyeliner. The smaller 10x mirror can be magnetically stored behind the face of the mirror or attached to the front when needed. The mirror features an adaptive motion sensor, lighting up automatically as the user’s face approaches. Once in use, the sensitivity of the sensor increases so it won't turn off unexpectedly. The tru-lux light system, with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90, provides unparalleled colour correctness, brightness, and clarity. The LED light ring not only mimics natural sunlight, but also reflects light consistently and evenly. The app has a variety of pre-set light settings, or users can use their phone to capture ambient light from different locations and then recreate the same colour temperature and intensity in the mirror – the mirror is capable of recreating more than 50,000 subtle colour variations. The mirror embodies the brand’s mission of efficient living, marrying technology and product innovation to streamline your daily beauty routine and help you see yourself in the best light.