Lead DesignerHans Constin
PrizeGold in Transportation / Alternative Fuel Vehicles

>Innovative< The kickTrike® is a new vehicle type for the needs of the urban city life. It enables personal mobility transportation including many different loads, it requires no parking space and charging stations, it is easy and safe to use. This means that many of the day-to-day trips in the city can be done without using a car. >Sustainable< Electrically powered, the kickTrike® avoids air pollution and reduces the noise level whereever it travels. The low weight and the efficient drive results in much less energy consumption than any electric car would need. The GreenPack battery system used in the kickTrike® can be charged with renewable energy such as solar or wind energy. >All-Purpose< The kickTrike® can transport one adult and one child up to 120 kg in total weight. In addition a loading platform with various transportation options will carry another 50 kg – all up to 50 km range depending on temperature and terrain. Depending on the situation the kickTrike® can run up to 16 mph (25 km/h) and it can be pushed like any small scooter or if needed or required. >Flexible< The kickTrike® is foldable and thus can be stored practically almost everywhere – in the own apartment, at friends or at work. Thus, it is available at all times without the walk to the parking lot. A charging station is not required, because the exchangeable GreenPack®– battery can be recharged at any outlet using the GreenPack charger.