Lead DesignerAndrea Cingoli
PrizeSilver in Transportation / Alternative Fuel Vehicles

CrickIT is an electrical and alternative method of transportation that allows the user to move for long distances without getting tired and can transform to help us carry about our objects (bags, luggage, etc.). It is designed to operate in modern cities, where other means of locomotion could be less convenient due to natural barriers. It works well in every place but is particularly suited for historical centres because it can ignore difficulties due to the natural geometry of the roads and can access limits traffic areas and pedestrian areas. It is the first vehicle to have an ischial driving posture. CrickIt can go from vehicle to transport mode. In vehicle configuration, the user sits on the product, driving it by holding on the handlebars and leaning left and right to steer, much like a skier does. In this mode, CrickIT can achieve a speed of 15 km/h. In the transport mode, the user drives from the outside, giving priority to the objects he/she desires to transport, and thus greatly reducing its potential speed (7km/h), in order to transport up to 250kg. The product can be folded up and be stored in the trunk of a car.Technology has been veering towards personalized micro transportation for some years now. CrickIt fully answers that call and brings us one step further: a collapsible combination of cart and “cargo” carrier, all the while designed for actual modern environments. It can help the differently abled , like victims of heart attacks, lung problems or the elderly, to get around. It can be used both by the private citizen or by companies and couriers.