Thales Avionics 2020

CompanyUse Design
Lead DesignerPatrick Avril
DesignerVivien Gauthier Thomas Guesnon Matthieu Davy de Virville
PrizeGold in Transportation / Aircraft/Aerospace

Avionics 2020 is a cockpit concept designed by Thales to enter into service around 2020. Avionics 2020 was designed right from the beginning with a simple idea: that pilots are the main assets of the air transportation system. A multi-disciplinary design team has contributed to this innovative cockpit concept, making it simple to use and to train with, ensuring that it allows complex tasks to be managed easily, making it robust to failure, and providing a compact/ ef cient, modern, and reliable environment in which to work. From the beginning, the project has involved a multidisciplinary team of pilots, engineers, psychologists, physicians, and human factor specialists. Thanks to this approach, the two design teams - namely Félix & Associés for product design, and Use Design for interface design - have succeeded in creating a seamless cockpit where hardware and software interactions are totally consistent from a look and feel point of view.