Modern Vintage

CompanyTaipei Base Design Center
Lead DesignerJanus Huang
PrizeSilver in Transportation / Nautical/Boats

Inspired by the 1960s and 1970s line feature, Modern Vintage chooses to present the classical and elegant image which link to relaxed and comfortable sea activity. The arc of the boat body line with high waist design and the large glass create another maritime fashion classic style. Due to the original hull beam width limitation, we added two stainless steel wings on the both side of the yacht which replaced the original aisle, lead to maximized upper cabin, and provide a better balance of the hull. Thus it's very easy to control for the beginners. This 28ft motor yacht maximizes usable space within its space limitations and employs a systemized interior layout in the design process to minimize loss incurred using traditional manufacturing methods and eliminate excess manpower. The generous use of glass increases the feeling of spaciousness and alleviates the cramped feeling characteristic of normal, small-sized yachts. While most yachts would be first decided on the appearance before enlisting the help of hydrodynamics professionals to redesign the hull bottom and make minor adjustments to the overall design, Modern Vintage does the opposite: a suitable hull bottom is first decided, and then the basis and technique of the design of yacht is integrated into the shape, resulting in a beautiful vintage yacht upon the seas without sacrificing its performance. As for the interior of the yacht cabin, it is not unusual for functionality to be sacrificed while dealing with space constraints. However, the effect is quite limited. Modern Vintage approaches this problem from a different angle, it emphasizes on maximizing usable cabin space by adding two stainless steel wings to supplement functional requirements. Besides, Modern Vintage also has exclusive optional equipment with the concept of saddlebags - classic aluminum alloy fishing kit, that anglers can store their fishing tackle and refrigerate fresh fishes and shrimps.