Diamond JKT

CompanyPURE ELECTRIC E-Bike Clothing
Lead DesignerVeronica Stampacchia
DesignerVeronica Stampacchia
PrizeSilver in Transportation / Other Transportation Design

Diamond JKT is the first specific garment for e-bike users. The conceiving of Diamond Jkt has actually created a new type of clothing. With its best quality fabrics, components and craftsmanship offers to people an elegant outerwear with timeless design that can be used in all aspects of life. The design has been studied in a way to be timeless through its simplicity and elegance. Diamond JKT has a touch of androgyny and futurism due to the designer's taste. The opportunity to give to people the chance to feel good and safe in every situations. This hybrid jacket combines ergonomics and lightness of cycling clothing with the resistance performances of motorcycling clothing providing safety, wearability and weather protection. Diamond JKT is an artisanal garment crafted with high-quality Italian fabrics, it preserves its elegant style to access the urban spaces. Pure Electric R&D Dept's challenge has been to create a new tech clothing that had to focusing on Safety, on the insertion of CE protectors on a comfortable and cool outerwear. Its design introduces innovative technologies patent pending that make the Jacket unique, functional and versatile. The CE protectors on the outside of the garment to facilitate the mobility of limbs and the transformation from active sportswear to an elegant jacket. Diamond Technology it’s a moulded soft back pocket containing the Rain Jkt.