Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

CompanyAquapaw, LLC
Lead DesignerDaniel Lentz
Designer Daniel Lentz, Tommy Zipprian
PrizeGold in Flora And Fauna / Pet accessories

Maintaining a clean pet is a challenge for pet owners. Pets naturally don't like to be bathed and professional grooming can get very expensive. From the pet's perspective, being bathed is understandably disconcerting, and one can assume they would prefer to be bathed by their owner as opposed to a stranger. The Aquapaw Bathing Tool is a wearable bathing device that combines a water sprayer and scrubber in the palm of the user's hand. It allow's the user to bathe their pet by essentially petting them while still giving them the use of both hands to stay in control. Additionally, Aquapaw eliminates much of the pet's anxiety created by being sprayed with water and reduces the amount of water consumed during the bath. The device uses standard quick connect attachments and includes adapters so that it can be quickly connected to either a garden hose or shower.