Yum Yum

Lead DesignerNick Crosbie
DesignerFrederik van Heereveld
PrizeGold in Event Supplies / Kiosks

The AirClad Xpress System, A Mobile Kiosk System under the name YumYum, easy to store deploy, stack up to 8 units and store in multiples. Category France, Live Project About This Project The AirClad Kiosk Xpress system is based on a uniquely engineered flat-packed fold-up frame which is wrapped and secured by a pressurised air skin, which can be branded to enhance your event or brand. The Yum Yum Kiosk served as the perfect bar area to a local event in Marseille promoting regional activities. The Yum Yum is part of our Xpress system, which has been developed to offer the fastest mobilisation of event structures, accommodation, work spaces, and retail- basically any event where quality and speed are needed in equal measure.