Brum Brum wooden balance bike

Companybrum brum Ltd.
Lead DesignerKrisjanis Jermaks
DesignerKrišjānis Jermaks, Zigmars Lacis, Imants Bisenieks, Aldis Blicsons, Janis Jirgens, Raimonds Tale, Oskars Cirsis, Toms Grinbergs, Martins Paeglitis, Conrad Schmidt, Vanni Bogliolo, Arturs Skirmants, Edgars Krumins
PrizeGold in Packaging Design / Children Products_PDP

After we were presented with our children we wished for them to grow up in happiness by living simplicity and help them develop a natural feeling about the responsibility we all carry for our planet. By looking around we realized that even the most ordinary things, we wanted to present them with, were produced in order to be thrown away after a very calculated live time and just a few thoughts were spent on the true wishes of kids.We asked ourselves, if we are able to create anything we want wouldn´t it be obvious to come up with the best – especially for our children? And this is what we did. We created the most innovative wooden balance bike. A gift that doesn`t fall apart after the next turn and lifts riding, for 2 till 5-year-olds, into a new dimension of joy. Thanks to the U-shaped plywood frame, the bike provides a unique natural suspension and protects the spine of little riders exceptional well. By adjusting the height, the wheelbase changes too. This allows the bike to grow proportional, along with the kid. A weight of 3,9kg and a jack-knifing secure 45° steering angle, offer great mobility. The tires are puncture proof and the discs are solid to protect little fingers and feet. One single construction screw makes assembling super easy while decreasing maintenance efforts. We as a team are always giving our best, aim high and dream without borders sharing these gifts with you is our duty.